September 28, 2012

You Know You’re Getting Older When…

I’ve never really thought about my age. I mean, I get older every year, I know this. My number increases, ok. And yes, I celebrate my birthday the entire month of January–incidentally, my birthday is January 11th. However, my actual age and what’s happening to my body as I get older is something that doesn’t cross my mind-until a month ago.

My eye doctor is the absolute best. So let me give a shout out to my eye doctor at Barenburg Eye Associates–big fan. But last month when I went in for my exam and he told me that not only has my prescription changed but I now needed bifocals, my love did not wane for him or his practice, but I will say I was thrown. Logically, it was not his fault that he was changing my prescription. But it’s not like I was in an accident. I didn’t have some degenerative disease. I’m simply getting older. That’s it. That’s why my prescription changed-age. And it didn’t just change as in you need a stronger prescription, but bifocals. Now, let’s be clear. The last time I paid any attention to someone wearing bifocals it was about 12+ years ago when my aunt was wearing big brown plastic bifocals where you could see the line and her eyes looked like some fish eye caricature. Awful. So when my eye doctor said not only bifocal glasses, but bifocal contacts, I naturally did what anyone would do–TOTALLY FREAKED OUT.

Thankfully, my eye doctor and his staff were very amused by my meltdown and I went on my way because they didn’t actually have my prescription in–OMG! This brings us to, today. I went in to pick up my bifocal contacts and see what my now older, dreaded life of bifocal glasses had in store for me. I resolved the glasses would be black. They’d be a stylish plastic. There would be no line even if it cost me $3,000. NO ONE but NO ONE would ever know I was going to have to wear bifocals. (Again, my eye doctor and the office staff found my new meltdown more hilarious than the one last month.) And then I realized why…

These are bifocals! 

That’s right, bifocals! No line.They’re tortoise in front and pink on the sides. They aren’t huge. They’re plastic by choice. And they’re by Lucky Brand. Yes, Lucky! They said no one would know they were bifocals but me and had I not written this post, they’d be right. I am so excited! And to be fair, I’ve always wanted to wear glasses. When I was little and I went to the eye doctor my mother used to tell the story of how I came out of the doctor’s office crying because I didn’t need glasses and the girl next to me was crying because she did. Fifth grade, things changed; but I digress.

So, you may be thinking that you know you’re getting older when you need bifocals–which is true. But you really know you’re getting older when you need bifocals, you find the bright spot of getting them, and then you blog about it for the whole world to see. I could’ve kept this quiet, but I figure I can do my part to unite the aging visually impaired population–and do it in style.

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  1. Diana said:

    Amen Sister!! I am part of the aging visually impaired population and am on the cusp of needing bifocals. Maybe you can help me pick out my new glasses when it’s time. Can’t wait to see you in yours 🙂


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