January 22, 2013

Where Are the Blogs for Singles?

I’m in the process of figuring out how to live my life and reinvent myself. It’s safe to say my journey will provide a lot of fodder for posts to come–stay tuned. So, as I research other women in business, websites I like, blogs I enjoy…blogs I enjoy… Let’s stay there for a minute. One of the things I’m doing is working on my personal brand. As I scoured the web for other blogs by women, I find the majority are by mom’s. Which is fine, even great, kudos to them! But where are the blogs by single women? For single women? And that don’t focus solely on dating and finding Mr. Right? I appreciate a good dating story as much as the next girl (and have quite a few of my own), but that’s not my whole life. I volunteer. I work. I have friends. I own a home. So I wonder, do you have to be a mother of 3+ children in order to be a successful blogger? Is it assumed that because you have kids and make time to blog that your anecdotes and life are far more interesting than those of us who are childless? Or do people think that single women are too busy partying and living it up to blog? But by definition, doesn’t society already acknowledge that mom’s are busier? I mean isn’t that why I can’t find a calendar that caters to singles. But go into Target or look online and there are planners for mom’s and families galore.
Before I go on, let me say up front that I truly commend mommy bloggers, I think it’s awesome that they are doing their thing. Most of my friends are moms, none bloggers, and some are still in the outside of the home work force. I KNOW your job is tough, rewarding, and a gazillion other things. Rock on! I’m taking issue with the singles that aren’t blogging, certainly some exist??? I can’t be the only one??? And please, feel free to sound off and point me in the direction of said blogs I clearly don’t know about.
I too have a life. I’m active in my church. I have hobbies. Surely there are others with these same characteristics and activities who are willing to share their life stories so the rest of us don’t feel all alone? It seems the blogs I do find from singles are centered around one topic: fashion, shoes, bags, weight loss journey’s… Again, which is awesome and I read them and love some of them! But what about having to buy a new car on your own after 13 years? Trying to scale the corporate ladder or switch careers? Being single in your 40’s? Wanting to buy your dream house after 16 years in the same house? Developing health conditions as you get older? Not having a dedicated travel partner? I mean I could go on and on. And I could do that because, that’s MY life. It’s scary. It’s fun. It’s real. And it’s more than one dimension.
Hmmm…. Maybe I don’t need to reinvent myself, I can just BE myself. (Stepping off soap box now.)
Note: When I get married and cross into the mommy blog-shere, I’ll still keep it real.

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