January 4, 2013

TV: Scandal

scandal_2012_624x351In my last post I forgot to welcome everyone to the new look and feel of my blog. As many may have guessed, the photo is one I took of a flower while on my annual family trip to Hawaii. I like to think the new look and feel with the bright colors are much more representative of my personality. Friends, you be the judge. (And if you disagree, I don’t need to know.)

Ok, yes, I’m late to the party on this one, but better late than never. I don’t get addicted to tv shows, I just don’t. I was a loyal and devoted fan of Sex and the City. For a while, I watched Army Wives. But other than Criminal Minds, there is no show I watch, DVR, or am committed to. None. But I heard soooo much about Scandal that I thought I’d give it a try. (Plus, Netflix was offering a free one month trial so I could catch up on the 1st season.) Addiction begun.

I don’t know how many good things can be said about one show. The stories in the foreground. The stories in the background. It’s a show about layers. Layer, upon layer, upon layer. You’re just never sure how one event will connect to another, who’s involved and who knows what. I don’t want to give away too much to those that don’t watch–and whoever you non-watchers are–START WATCHING. And I simply would not be me if I didn’t comment on Oliva’s wardrobe and handbags, not to mention her apartment–stylish, stylish, stylish–chickee is on point.

Anyway, back to the show…The episodes are smartly written. The characters are, almost all, likable–even when they’re driving you crazy or having people killed. From Cyrus (who yes, had a pregnant White House intern killed); the First Lady-Mellie: who faked a pregnancy to boost her husband’s approval rating; a husband, who is the cheating President-Fitz, who everyone is hoping beyond hope ends up with Olivia. (Did I mention Olivia’s style?) And while on the subject of Olivia and Fitz, I think it is awesome the way the characters themselves addressed the interracial issue to make it a non-issue, kudos to them. The longing looks, the connection you see, and the sexual tension they exude is so compelling they could be purple and green and it wouldn’t make a difference–you want them together.

In a nutshell: Olivia left her job at the White House because she wanted to leave her affair with Fitz behind, even though they’re in love and he and the first lady sleep in separate bedrooms–though yes, she is pregnant, which was Olivia’s idea. So Olivia started a crises management firm (Heaven knows those in Washington need it…), but she keeps getting pulled back into managing crises at the White House. Plus, Cyrus–the gay Chief of Staff who has promised his White House press correspondent husband a baby, is her mentor. There’s the Molotov Mistress, Quinn–who really is innocent; Washington-the ‘foine’ lawyer who is loyal and reliable to a fault–even if it means making the co-worker he loves like a sister believe that her boyfriend (David) used to abuse his ex-girlfriend because she (Abby, the co-worker) was a battered wife (FYI-David isn’t an abuser, former or present) because Olivia said they can’t be together. And we won’t go into Huck, short for Huckleberry Finn,  an ex assassin (though, not very ex these days). And while there are a lot of spoilers in there…trust me, that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. See–you need to watch.

Some how, some way…get caught up. New episodes start next week, January 10th. ABC at 10pm EST. Watch!

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