January 3, 2017

top 5 reads of 2016

Welcome to 2017 book lovers! I know, I know, everyone does a best of, a top whatever… But really, doesn’t it always suck you in? It does me! So, at the risk of being part of the herd, know that the list for the edible bookmark is unique. So without further adieu, following are 5 of the books that I loved most in 2016. Hope you find something the piques your interest.

the bourbon kings, by j. r. ward
To say I couldn’t put this book down would be an understatement. And the release of the final installment in the trilogy is several months away in August. I’ve described this book as Dynasty or Dallas meets a little Downton Abbey (though I admittedly only watched an episode of the latter show). Regardless, any book that I finish in 2 days is worthy to be recommended in my book (pun intended).

dirty, rowdy, thing, by christina lauren
I have to say, Finn stole my heart almost immediately and that’s quite a feat considering I just knew that Ansel from Sweet, Filthy Boy, was the be all, end all. While Finn is far from perfect, he is very real and that alone makes him appealing. (Well, real in a book boyfriend kind of way. You know what I mean.)

the beast, by j. r. ward
I had reservations about putting 2 books by the same author on this list, but they are dramatically different and hey, if it’s awesome, it’s just awesome. Bring on, The Beast. With a focus on Rhage and Mary, probably my least favorite couple in the series, once again, I didn’t think I’d enjoy this book as much as I did. But this book is one of my few 4-bookmark reads for all of 2016 because the way Ward continues their story and the surrounding characters, is one of the many reasons I keep coming back for more.

bounty, by kristen ashley
As one of my all-time favorite authors, for the most part, if Kristen Ashley writes it, I read it. The story in Bounty is reminiscent of her earlier works (in a good way), while having the benefit of her growth as an author and storyteller. This has me anxiously awaiting, The Honey series, about an alpha sub. C-R-A-Z-Y!

moonlight on nightingale way, by samantha young
My introduction to Samantha Young was through the book, Hero, not the expected, On Dublin Street. Moonlight is actually the final installment in the On Dublin Street series, a book I still have yet to read. But after thoroughly enjoying the 2 books I have read by this author–Moonlight having a level of character depth that is truly to be appreciated–I will find my way to the other novels penned by this author.

So, there you have it! 2016 has come and gone but there are still sooooo many books to be read and I for one am very excited! Speaking of which, are you participating in the 2017 Goodreads reading challenge? My goal is to read 40 books this year, which means I better get started!

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