January 6, 2015

top 3 books of 2014

Since this blog is primarily about books and food, I thought a ’round-up’ of my most fave reads and eats for 2014 would be a good start to the New Year. For today, let’s start with books–in no particular order:

This book falls in the ‘Totally Twisted’ category, but it stuck with me for a while. If you look past all of the twisted-ness of it, the underlying theme is about not conforming to who society thinks you should be and owning the person you are. Pretty powerful. In addition, you just can’t help but root for Twitch, even though he’s a criminal. I don’t know if Belle Aurora always intended to write about the supporting characters in this book, or if she responded to the clamoring of her fans (of whom I am one), but the next book in this series will be released later this year, Dirty. Can’t wait!

The Professional part 1The Professional part 2The Professional part 3The Professional
Kresley Cole initially released this book 1-part at a time and I devoured each one the minute they were available. Admittedly, The Godfather, is my most favorite movie so anything ‘mob-esque’ will pique my interest. Add to that an awesome alpha male and romance–I mean, we’re talking the whole package here. I can’t wait for her next in this series–The Master, coming later this month.

the kingThe King
The Black Dagger Brotherhood has long been my one and only paranormal addiction. And Wrath, the Blind King, has always been my most beloved vampire. When I heard J.R. Ward was going to write this book, focusing on Wrath, I think I shed tears of joy. (At a minimum–I screamed out loud with glee!) This book definitely did not  disappoint. I compel you, if you haven’t read this series, give it a try. The first book, Dark Lover, may not draw you in, initially, but they just get better and better. The next in this series is being released April 7, The Shadows.

Incidentally, Ward is starting a new non-paranormal series called, The Bourbon Kings; the first installment of the same title is being released on July 28th. Looking forward to seeing what she does in writing for mere mortals.

Come back on Thursday to see the Top 3 Recipes of 2014!

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