January 27, 2015

the prince, by sylvain reynard


the princeIt’s no secret that Sylvain Reynard’s Gabriel Inferno’s series is by far one of my most fave romance stories. Reynard’s style of writing is not only romantic but it has the ability to transport you to places without being verbose.

The Prince is a novella that is a spin-off of Reynard’s Gabriel series and a prequel to his Florentine series, which kicks off its first full novel with The Raven, due out on February 3rd–can’t wait! In the spirit of full disclosure, The Prince is a paranormal story. For those who don’t normally read that genre–keep in mind this is a paranormal book being written by a prolific story-teller who gave us Gabriel and Julianne.

Set in Florence, Italy and its underworld, we are introduced to the Prince, himself at the Uffizi Gallery where Gabriel and Julianne are attending an event to share their copies of original Botticelli illustrations. Illustrations that once belonged to the Prince and which he very much wants back. He holds Gabriel and Julianne accountable for having purchased his stolen property and is on a quest to find out who originally stole the priceless works of art from him.

In the mean time, as the Prince plots his revenge against the Emerson’s, there is a battle going on for control of the underworld where the Prince reigns supreme. We also learn that Julianne is ill–something we are certain to learn more about in The Raven.

While a short read at under 100 pages, The Prince gives you just enough to whet your appetite for the full story to come. A week from today!

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