April 8, 2013

The Importance of Staying Relevant

Stay Relevant with Vehicle Wraps and Graphics-resized-600Have you ever noticed that some of the most entertaining commercials on tv are for things we don’t really need to buy every day? I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but some of the most memorable commercials–good or bad–are those about insurance. Not cookies, not furniture, not some other product, but–insurance.

Farmers Insurance has done a fabulous job of staying relevant and top of mind. They run commercials on how to put out grease fires, the time of year when cars are most often broken into, how trampolines may increase your premiums–who would’ve thought that insurance would be something you would think about after you’ve committed to a company, paid your premium, and moved on to the activities of everyday life. Not to mention, the commercials have a great sense of humor.

Progressive Insurance. Does anyone even remember life before Flo? And I have to admit, most of the time I find her hokey and annoying, but still–I know who she is and which company she represents. My 81-year-old father knows who she is! And for the record, Progressive Insurance has been around since 1937, clearly long before Flo.

And do I even need to go into the king of all insurance company commercials–Gecko, I mean, Geico. Downloadable ringtones, YouTube videos…all for an insurance company.

I once heard that Ashton Kutcher said part of the way to stay relevant is to entertain. Not exactly profound wisdom, but true. If insurance companies are heeding this advice–and it’s working–what does that say about companies that are selling tangible products and services that are used every day?

I think it means companies have to work that much harder–myself included. Finding your niche, angle, point-of-entry, whatever it may be, to differentiate you from your competitors has become critical. We all know that today, consumers have less trust in advertising than ever. But be encouraged, if insurance companies can stay relevant and on the cutting edge, with some effort, imagine what your products and services can achieve.

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