Review Rating Scale

5 stars

Loved the book beyond belief and if I didn’t have a mountainous TBR pile, I’d read it again. Actually, I may read it again anyway! I can’t recommend it enough. Go. Get. It. Now.

4 Stars

Really enjoyed the book and only had a few minor concerns. Would highly recommend the book and I think you’ll enjoy it.

3 Stars

I liked the book but found several challenges with numerous aspects of it. Whether it was the writing, story line, etc., I would still recommend reading the book. Often, my recommendation may be based on the fact that the book is part of a series or I was able to overlook obvious flaws and still enjoyed the story.

1-2 Stars

These ratings are for books that I either didn’t finish or absolutely did not like. While on occasion, I read books that I don’t enjoy, I will not review them. You rarely if ever, will see 1 and 2 star rated books on my site, (I’m all about the positivity).

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