July 26, 2012

Nook vs Book: Whose side are you on?

I’m on both sides; yes, I’m bi-bookual. I am admittedly part of the instant gratification generation. When I read Fifty Shades of Grey (the first time), if I had been forced to wait until going to the library or book store to get the next two books…Well, I perish at the thought of it. That said. Recently, I was in Miami for a mini get-away. (Shout out to friends who let you tag along on their business trips because their husbands can’t go!!! You know who you are.) On my return trip, I finished my latest Nook-book read in the airport while waiting for my delayed flight where the Wi-Fi was NOT free. So I bought the book in this picture, Bared to You (good, it’s no Fifty, but I will read the sequel…alas, I digress). Holding an actual book, felt, well—good. I mean, it had been a while.

I have friends who whole-heartedly refuse to purchase an eReader. Extreme? Perhaps. And I have some that straddle the fence, much like myself, and buy books, download books, and go to the library. But now that I think about it, I don’t know anyone who would give up an actual book to go eReader only. Do you? [polldaddy poll=6407141]

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