January 1, 2015

happy new year!

Happy New Year 2015Welcome to the new and improved tlfinney.com website! I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from blogging, but not from reading, cooking, and living. And now it’s time to start sharing all of my adventures with you!

I guess you noticed the website got a bit of a face-lift. Colors, photo, and something I’m particularly excited about–new navigation! Who knew drop down menus could be so sexy (wink, wink). Hopefully, the new layout and menu make the site easier to navigate and keep you coming back for more. Enjoy!

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  1. Michelle Palmer said:

    Love the new look and can’t wait to start reading these books. Great way to start the New Year!


    1. T.L. Finney said:

      Thank you! I’m excited to get back into the mix!


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