January 20, 2015

captivated by you, by sylvia day


captivated_450I bought the first book in this series, Bared to You, during a weather delay in the Miami airport. Loved it! I have been a devotee of the Gideon/Eva story and subsequently Sylvia Day, ever since. Since I loved Entwined With You so much I was happy that there were more books forthcoming (unlike some…see Saturday’s post) and Captivated By You did not disappoint.

At this point, Gideon and Eva are outwardly together and living together full-time. They’re beach-side nuptials remain a secret and they continue to plan a wedding and move forward with their lives. But settling into life together isn’t as easy as one would expect even though money and beauty are a plenty.

The obstacles that Gideon and Eva face in this book feel real. Job pressures for her. New relationship angst for both of them. Controlling tendencies for Gideon. Captivated By You focuses more on Gideon’s struggles–with his past, his company, his family, and of course, how he deals with all of it in the face of being married to Eva.

This book was a very fast read for me. And while it does end in a cliff hanger–it’s a sweet cliff hanger that has me anxiously awaiting the next book, not only because I want to know what happens, but because I love the characters and want to see them get their HEA (happily ever after).

For the die-hard fans of this series, you will not be disappointed! And for the haters–to Sylvia Day I say, Shake It Off! (Come on, you had to see that coming…)

tara’s tips: Finally! I’m implementing a rating system. And this book gets 3 hearts.

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