July 1, 2014

Book Review: Blind Faith

blind faithIn a Nutshell
I was sent this book from a publisher on NetGalley. Aside from the fact that I was curious because it was only the 2nd unrequested book I had received, I was also intrigued when I researched the premise.

Blind Faith by Rebecca Zanetti is the 3rd book in the Sin Brothers series and tells the story of Nate–a futuristic soldier created in a ‘test tube’–and Audrey–the daughter of the scientist who created Nate. (I know, it sounds odd, bear with me.)

Nate has a kill chip implanted in him, as do both of his brothers. Long ago, he and Audrey were a couple. Even though he was supposedly created as a killing machine with no feelings, he fell in love. But circumstances pushed Audrey and Nate apart and now he’s racing against time to not only find the computer program to shut down the kill chips before he and his brothers perish, but he’s also in search of the child he and Audrey conceived, who he’s never met.

Tara’s Take
This is not a typical love story.  And this is not a book that I expected to like. I don’t do dystopian, futuristic, fantasy type stories–yes, I’m the only person on the planet that didn’t like The Hunger Games, but this one drew me in. Not having read the first two books, it was relatively easy to catch up on the storyline. The characters were likable and the plot was intriguing enough to make me want to read the 1st two books.

Even though Nate and his brothers were created by a ‘mad scientist’ and there’s a villain called the Commander that everyone fears–this is a pretty ‘normal’ love story/suspense book. The story has a good pace and it’s not too far out there. (Plus there are no children killing each other to stay alive–just sayin’.)

Blind Faith is a fast paced, easy read that’s interesting, funny, and provides the right combination of intrigue and romance. There are some hot alpha males and a strong-willed heroine with a brain. I’m looking forward to reading the first 2 books in the series and I can’t wait to read the 4th whenever it comes out. Yes, this isn’t the end of the line for the Sin Brothers and I can’t wait until they return!

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