March 24, 2015

archer’s voice, by mia sheridan


archers voiceSo when I burst into tears and had to re-read numerous parts of this book, I concluded that this was the first 4-bookmark book that I had read in a while. Wow. The emotion Mia Sheridan evoked in Archer’s Voice was just…wow. I resisted reading this book for a while, not wanting to buy into the hype that has been surrounding it. But, the masses were right on this one. Shall we…

Six months ago, Bree Prescott suffered the tragic loss of her father. As a result of the night her entire world was changed, she has decided to get away for a while. A college graduate and former chef at the deli owned by her dad, Bree finds herself settled in as a waitress in a small town in Maine trying to put her life back together.

Enter Archer Hale. He’s lived just outside of Pelion, MN his entire life. Growing up with a philandering and abusive father; a mother who was in love with another man; and the chief of police who was married but wanted to save Archer and his mom from their sad existence, Archer is no stranger to tragedy and loss. As a result of a horrible scene no child should ever witness, let alone be apart of, Archer has been rendered mute. And because he’s lived a secluded life since his own life-altering experiences, the small town of Pelion all but ignores him. Except Bree.

Over time, the secrets of Archer’s past are revealed with devastating consequences. The truth about the night Bree’s father died comes to light. And in the midst of it all, there’s a beautiful love story between a young man who finally speaks without ever saying a word and the woman who loves him unconditionally.

At first, I thought this book was moving slowly–but then I came to the conclusion that it was me, not the book. Bree and Archer’s story is heart wrenching for so many reasons. It’s sweet. It’s poignant. It’s romantic. It’s hopeful. It’s a really good book.

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