November 18, 2018

apple, orange, cranberry sauce

If you’re like me, you’re not a big fan of the cranberry sauce that magically retains the shape of the can it comes out of. After avoiding this side dish at every pertinent holiday, several years ago, I discovered a Williams-Sonoma recipe for apple, orange, cranberry sauce and my family and I have never looked back. While I’ve altered it a bit from the original, trust me when I say it’s every bit as delicious as the first year I made it. I am very thankful for this flavorful cranberry medley and think you will be too. Happy holidays!

Running a 5k?

This is not bragging…I repeat, this is NOT bragging… I’ve done numerous 5k’s; a 5 mile race; a 10k; a half marathon; and a sprint triathlon. The races were personal goals, the triathlon was not my idea. That went something like this:  L: Want to do a triathlon? It’ll be fun.                                              ...

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Book Review: Reflected in You

I will start by admitting that I am a Fifty Shades of Grey addict. I read the entire trilogy more than once and I have searched far and wide for the same high I got from reading the series. Sadly, nothing has truly filled the void–insert the Crossfire trilogy. People have compared the two trilogies, personally, I don’t see it. Both have damaged heroes that are young billionaires, but that’s about where the similarities...

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You Know You’re Getting Older When…

I’ve never really thought about my age. I mean, I get older every year, I know this. My number increases, ok. And yes, I celebrate my birthday the entire month of January–incidentally, my birthday is January 11th. However, my actual age and what’s happening to my body as I get older is something that doesn’t cross my mind-until a month ago. My eye doctor is the absolute best. So let me give a shout out...

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The Fun Way to Prepare for Vacation

Every year since middle school–without giving away my age, we’ll just say for a long time–I have been blessed to go to Hawaii on vacation with my family. Back story: Long before I was thought of, as my father likes to say–he went to Hawaii when he was in the Navy. After traveling all over the world he concluded it’s the only place that actually looks like the post cards. Hence, the obsession begins....

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(Poor) Customer Service: Newspaper Delivery

I’m not going to name any publications, but for the last year I’ve been receiving home weekend delivery of a newspaper—we’ll call it The Moon. One year ago, for $10, I subscribed via Groupon. Seemed like a good deal. And initially, I actually read The Moon on Saturday and Sunday. Last year, prior to my vacation I called to have The Moon held. It was pretty no-nonsense, automated, went well. This year, not so...

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Do You Over Commit?

Is it fear of disappointing others? Is it the Superwoman complex? Is it just to prove a point? Do you ever find that saying the word “no” eludes you? You get invited to a party and immediately you ask what can you bring. Your friend from work asks you to join her book and wine club and you tell her to pen you in for the next gathering. And of course, when was the...

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