November 18, 2018

apple, orange, cranberry sauce

If you’re like me, you’re not a big fan of the cranberry sauce that magically retains the shape of the can it comes out of. After avoiding this side dish at every pertinent holiday, several years ago, I discovered a Williams-Sonoma recipe for apple, orange, cranberry sauce and my family and I have never looked back. While I’ve altered it a bit from the original, trust me when I say it’s every bit as delicious as the first year I made it. I am very thankful for this flavorful cranberry medley and think you will be too. Happy holidays!

Our Trip to Honolulu Zoo

On day 2 of our vacation in paradise, we went to the zoo. (At the time this post was started, we were still there because it was pouring rain. And since we don’t have a car and were quite a ways from the hotel, sitting in the children’s petting zoo area was the go-to option. Now, unfortunately, we had sent my one cousin to be captured by the gorillas while we hung out with...

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Oahu Vacation: Day 1

It was an incredible first day in paradise and felt like coming home. But after 20+ times coming here, it is like home away from home. I can’t say that I’m committing to a daily blog, but I’m going to do my best to keep up to date on the activities as quickly after they occur as possible. Our day started at Duke’s, one of our favorite spots. The breakfast buffet, is without a...

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Hawaii 2013: A Family Vacation

Our annual family vacation is my Dad, a couple of my cousins, and myself. In the quest to find the cheapest and most accommodating flight, we’ve tried everything. See, I’m in MD, my Dad’s in NJ, and my cousins are in VA. We’ve tried flying out of our respective airports—Richmond, Baltimore, and Newark. We’ve tried taking the train to NJ and then flying out on separate flights. But this year is different. We decided...

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Blog Tour & Book Review: Never Goodbye is proud to be a stop on the Kerri Williams book blog tour for Never Goodbye, an Albany Boys book. I love independent authors, I make no secret of that. So when the opportunity to be a stop on the Never Goodbye blog tour came up, I jumped at the chance to support an indie author. Upon starting the book, I was surprised to find that it falls into the young adult genre–why I...

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Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

I love bananas! I was gonna say something like, ‘I’m banana for bananas,’ but decided it was too corny for even me–alas, I spared you, sort of. But I do love bananas, so please do not let my blatant neglect lead you to believe otherwise. Last week, I bought a bunch of bananas with the intention of eating one each day. Out of 6, I had 4 left. Instead of letting them go bad,...

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Hawaii: An Oahu Travel Guide

For those that either know me or have read the ‘About Me’ tab, you’ll know that I go to Hawaii every year with my family. I’ve been incredibly blessed and fortunate to have started traveling there when I was in middle school and as such, will be going again this summer. We have visited several islands over the years: Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and the big island of Hawaii. So, quite often, family, friends, friends...

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