September 27, 2013

Our Trip to Honolulu Zoo

imageOn day 2 of our vacation in paradise, we went to the zoo. (At the time this post was started, we were still there because it was pouring rain. And since we don’t have a car and were quite a ways from the hotel, sitting in the children’s petting zoo area was the go-to option. Now, unfortunately, we had sent my one cousin to be captured by the gorillas while we hung out with the tiger. He’d been gone a while, but we hoped he would turn up in one piece. Ok…ok…ok…he wanted to see the orangutans, which we had seen, so he went off on his own. And yes, he returned unscathed.)

The zoo trip was the first time I had ever heard a lion roar–that was pretty awesome. The zoo, in general, was pretty cool. My father has been a zoo fan for years, so growing up, I had the privilege  of visiting quite a few zoos on our travels, including the Bronx Zoo, where I rode an elephant with my Dad when I was a little girl.

The trip to Honolulu Zoo did not include riding an elephant, but it was fun and definitely worth a visit if you travel to the island; particularly if you have children. Though, I have to say, my 27-year old cousin is the reason we went to the zoo and he had a, and I quote, “a marvelous time.” Apparently, the zoo is for all ages.

After seeing the animals; hanging out under an awning to wait out the monsoon-like rain, I proceeded to walk back to the condo. It’s a loooong walk, or so I thought. Turns out, it was only about 2 miles. But I’m sayin’…it felt waaaaay longer! Lunch, relaxing, dinner, and now we are all drained. I hear snoring going on all around me-I think it’s time to hang it up for the night and see what kind of trouble we can get into tomorrow.


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