The Sarge Chronicles: My Protector

Since I often share the frustrating–yet amusing–stories about Sarge, I thought it only fair to share some of the good as well. A few weeks ago I was having a panic attack. It’s not a regular occurrence for me–thankfully–but none-the-less, it happened. While I was trying to calm myself down, Sarge came over and jumped up at me as if to say, “It’s ok.” Eventually, it was–sort of. Since the panic attack happened in...

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Own Your Personal Journey

Last week, someone said something to me that I have found challenging to process. Then, I met with my accountability partner and our discussion put things into perspective. I’ve come to 2 realizations: Do not let the linear thinking of others determine your personal path One of my closet friends told me that I should either stay in the house I was in or find another house some place else that I could afford; but...

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A Real-Life Weight-Loss Story

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting an incredibly inspiring woman. In my quest to find a weight loss program/exercise regime/healthy lifestyle, I found myself at Curves to explore their Curves Complete program. There, I encountered Ms. T. I recognized her from the Weight Watchers (WW) meetings I attended long ago. She’s been working at Curves for 7 years and did the Curves Complete program herself and lost 20lbs. Definitely, nothing to sneeze at. But...

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The Sarge Chronicles: Off Leash

Doesn’t he look like he’s pleading with me not to write about him? It’s not gonna work. Last Thursday, as with all days, I got up to walk Sarge. I’ve mentioned him before in this blog, my german shepherd mix rescue from the MD SPCA (a place I threaten to return him to on occasion even though I’ve had him since he was 6 weeks old and he’s now 5 years old). Anyway… So, Thursday, started as it does with...

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How to Manage Your Personal Brand

Have you ever worked for someone who wasn’t well-respected? They’re in a management position but they aren’t regarded well by their manager or their peers?  Have you ever wondered how this affects you? When you work for someone whom everyone respects, it’s normal to feel safe, secure, and with the right skills–to have a sense of confidence in climbing the corporate ladder. But what if no one gives your manager a second thought, or...

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Create Your Ideal Work Space

I’ve been a bit of a vagabond today. I have a lot of irons in the fire and I needed to be in an environment where I could: focus be free of distractions have open space so I could spread out if I needed to (I come with a lot of devices: iPad, MacBook, paper planner, bottle of water, etc.–hence why my new Kate Spade green super tote always weighs 800lbs., but I digress…)...

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