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Welcome to the edible bookmark! I’m here to help you find your next great read, provide travel ideas, and share various ways for you to spend copious amounts of money on things you probably don’t need but will make you infinitely happy—especially if it’s stationery.

On the book front, this is a recommend site because I have a tremendous amount of respect for writers and I never want to disparage their work, even if I don’t enjoy it. Also, I’d like this to be a place of positivity where I promote and bring awareness to Black, marginalized, and independent (indie) authors, in particular.

Oh, and a little about me… I’m originally from New Jersey—home of Bon Jovi, the shore, and really good food. While I’ve been living in Maryland for over 20 years, NJ will always be home to me. I’ve been a voracious reader my entire life and a writer for as long as I can remember.

My day job is in the financial industry. And I have an addiction to outrageously expensive (but beautiful) handbags. Enough about me… Go explore the site, read a book, and stay in touch!

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