moonlight on nightingale way, by samantha young

moonlight on nightengale wayingredients:
Drama and humor

If you like a heart-warming story with some lightly veiled humor, plus angst–this one is for you.





Unbeknownst to me, this is actually the 6th book in the On Dublin Street series. I was quite confused at the end of the book when a lot of the characters were being ‘wrapped up’ and I didn’t know why. I am a big fan of Samantha Young’s Hero, so it’s no surprise that I was equally enamored with this book. However, I must suggest reading the first 5 books in the series (something I plan to do). I think you’ll get even more enjoyment from this book if you go in order. But on to the here and now.

Logan was recently released from prison and has moved into the flat next to Grace Farquhar (which is how she introduces herself, first and last name, always). As evidenced by this, Grace is the epitome of British refinement. This, of course, is in direct conflict with Logan’s behavior, which is primarily focused on becoming intimately re-acquainted with the female population of London. However, since they’re neighbors and can’t help but run into one another, often, they have to find some sort of middle ground. Which comes in the form of girl named Maia…

Maia’s presence immediately changes Logan’s behavior and impacts the relationship between him and Grace. What were once tolerable interactions from neighbors becomes a united front for the love and welfare of an adolescent. Which blossoms into a romance that surprisingly, Grace fights against, just as hard a Logan fights for.

difficulty level:
Easy. What an enjoyable book. While clearly characters from the other 5 books are weaved into the storyline, you have enough back story to understand who they are. And while at times you want to choke Grace, it’s short-lived and you simply can’t help but like her at the end of the day. Moonlight on Nightingale Way is a flat-out good story.


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    January 3, 2017 at 3:11pm

    […] moonlight on nightingale way, by samantha young My introduction to Samantha Young was through the book, Hero, not the expected, On Dublin Street. Moonlight is actually the final installment in the On Dublin Street series, a book I still have yet to read. But after thoroughly enjoying the 2 books I have read by this author–Moonlight having a level of character depth that is truly to be appreciated–I will find my way to the other novels penned by this author. […]

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