slow burn, by k. bromberg

slow burnIt seems the books I read are more misses than hits these days. Slow Burn by K. Bromberg was so far off the mark, it wasn’t even on the board. At least I’m paying for and suffering through these reads so you don’t have to.

To be fair, Slow Burn is part of Bromberg’s Driven series, which I did not like. But I read all 3 in the series because for as much as I hated the hero, the story sucked me in. In my defense, I did like the hero’s best friend, Beckett “Becks” Daniels and Slow Burn is his book. That’s where my excuses end. And in the spirit of full disclosure, I skimmed the last few chapters–which I never do!–because I couldn’t stand this book. But because it really does pain me, believe it or not, to write bad reviews, I’ll keep this quick.

Haddie is irrational, whiny, and generally annoying. Sadly, she suffered the loss of her sister to disease less than a year ago. Her coping mechanism has been to have meaningless, no-strings-attached sex with random men. (Think Samantha from Sex and the City.) She tries this approach with Becks–the laid back manager of a pit crew for a successful racing team, but things get complicated.

Becks, is a good guy and genuinely rebuffs Haddie’s seduction attempts, but he’s only so strong. Needless to say, in Haddie’s mind, because she too may have the same illness as her sister, she refuses to tell anyone about the tests she takes, won’t let anyone know how she feels, lies to her best friend about what she’s going through, and plays the martyr role because she simply can’t let people love and support her because it would be an unfair burden. The entire book is Haddie repeating this over, and over, and over again. It almost seemed like Bromberg just copied and pasted the same tired tirade for the majority of the book. Not only does the reader know how stupid this premise is, but even the characters in the book tell Haddie how ridiculous her thinking is.

Haddie takes tests. Things happen. Anoy, anoy, anoy… The end.


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