shopping for a ceo’s wife, by julia kent

“…you make me see a world that isn’t there for anyone else.”–Andrew McCormick, Anterdec CEO

This is one of those quotes that makes you swoon. The words were uttered by the hero of Shopping for a CEO’s Wife, to his fiancée, and employee, Amanda. The 12th book in the “Shopping for a Billionaire” series, Andrew is the epitome of the perfect life partner.

Young, rich, powerful, viral, handsome and with a good sense of humor to boot–what’s not to like? Essentially, nothing. Somehow, his perfection wasn’t annoying–so perhaps there was a flaw or two here and there.

Amanda, who has less depth than her soon-to-be-spouse, is young, attractive, and surrounded by a colorful cast of characters (and what a cast it is). There are so many secondary players from the previous books–which I myself have not read–that it was hard to keep everyone straight. However, they are an entertaining bunch, much like the heroine, and help bring depth to what is otherwise a book missing a plot.

The majority of the story focuses on the antics surrounding the wedding planning and the attention, unwanted by Andrew and Amanda, that Andrew’s father James, is orchestrating. Because wedding publicity leads to Anterdec publicity, which is good publicity. Not too far off from today’s reality tv premise.

I found the last 50 pages of the book to be the most engaging. It’s then that we see true conflict when Amanda stands up for her mother and herself, and expresses a feeling of loneliness even though she’s surrounded by people and love. You find yourself drawn in and wanting to know how it all ends. Throughout, however, there is little to grab on to in terms of storyline and Amanda’s ongoing preoccupation with Andrew’s wealth starts to come across as disingenuous. How many times can one be startled about having a $20k monthly allotment when your fiancée is a multi-millionaire and CEO?

If you’re looking for a light-hearted read where the bedroom scenes aren’t very risqué, then this the book for you. The characters are likable, the subject matter isn’t intense, and some of the more comical scenes, while over the top, are fun. I do think it would be of great benefit to read the first 11 books in the series. While that sounds like a commitment, and it is, with this one just over 200 pages in the digital version, I don’t think catching up will take too long.

“All of my fantasies are coming true every day I spend with you. Every damn one.”–Andrew McCormick, Anterdec CEO

Suffice to say, Andrew had some good one-liners.