The Golden Globes: What They Wore

I feel compelled to put out a disclaimer before I dive into this post. I know that  a lot, if not most, of Hollywood employs stylists. And I am a fan of some of them–the Rachel Zoe’s and Brad Goreski’s of the world are talented but I was an admirer of Phillip Bloch’s ‘work’ before being a stylist was fashionable? Remember the dress Halle Berry wore to the Oscars the year she won? Well, I do and it was Phillip Bloch who had a hand in it. Gorgeous! Anyway, hats off to the A-listers and the people who helped dress them because I can’t imagine how it must feel to have what you wore on one night totally dissected and over analyzed by the world. (But I’m going to do it anyway.)


Kerry Washington–My girl from Scandal! Kudos to her style on the show, because it did not come out at the Golden Globes. The dress, while nice, did nothing for her figure–totally unflattering, as was her hair and make up. It would’ve been better to chop off the bottom of the dress and have her wear the entire look to a party, not an awards show where Django Unchained took home quite a few statues.

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Halle Berry–Seriously, can I please age this well?!?! Oh wait, she’s NOT aging (which is amazing considering the drama that often surrounds her). She looked fabulous. Halle has made a habit of pushing the sophisticated/edgy envelope with the designers she wears. Her one shouldered, asymmetrical dress, showcased a body to die for. I ain’t mad at ya! But I think it would be better suited for the Grammy’s.


Anne Hathaway–A simple, white, pretty dress. I thought it washed her out a bit because of her alabaster skin. But overall, she looked very regal. The pixie haircut is truly working for her.


Kate Hudson–The black with the cut out and the gold, pretty, but entirely too old for her. (Much better suited to Goldie Hawn.) If anyone can embrace flowy inner hippie chic it’s Kate. (And Nicole Richie, who also did not display the bohemian style she has become famous for and instead went with a long-sleeved blue frock.) I’m noticing a trend with these two. No need to prove you’re mature women of the world, go with what works for you.

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Claire Danes–I still struggle with the whole Claire Danes/Billy Crudup/Mary Louise Parker scandal of ages ago. Hence, she looked fine.


J Lo–Her dress was a form fitting bunch of appliques. Her hair and make-up were done to perfection, she’s beautiful, no denying–but this was hard to love let alone like. (I’m sure many will disagree with me on that one.)


Lucy Liu–Apparently, she dressed for a Gone With the Wind garden party and inadvertently wound up at the Golden Globes instead.

There were a lot of blush and white dresses (translation, NO color) and plenty that fell into the coral family–one extreme to another. And everyone it seems wanted their hair pulled to the side.

I could go on and on and on… But let me move on to my best and worst dressed of the Golden Globes.

taylor-swift-golden-globes-2013-01132013-600x450Best: Taylor Swift. If you asked, I couldn’t begin to name a song by her, but from her hair, to her earrings, to the dress–sheer perfection. And she didn’t have some frilly, fringy, furry evening bag to throw everything off. Runner(s) Up: Jessica Alba and Heidi Klum


Worst: Sienna Miller. I have no idea what she has on. Honestly, the top looks like something I attempted to make in Home Ec back in the 80’s. Her hair is extreme. Her make-up is too nude. Bad. Bad. Bad. Runner(s)Up: Lucy Liu and Jessica Chastain

I have scoured the Web looking for the best red carpet photos and right now I have to go with MTV.

This is my first fashion post and getting the pictures to work was a challenge. I think I’ve found a method to the posting madness so hopefully I’m poised to post quickly going forward since awards season is upon us. Enjoy!