August 30, 2017

home office makeover: before and after

Like many before me, my home office was a disaster. It had become the dumping ground for things with no home–spare planner paper, books in disarray, a random travel pillow. However, it still needed to function as a home office for the days I work from home, be the place to make The Edible Bookmark happen, and a spare bedroom for guests. I started with the mess on the desk. If I could unearth the...

August 9, 2012

Do You Over Commit?

Is it fear of disappointing others? Is it the Superwoman complex? Is it just to prove a point? Do you ever find that saying the word “no” eludes you? You get invited to a party and immediately you ask what can you bring. Your friend from work asks you to join her book and wine club and you tell her to pen you in for the next gathering. And of course, when was the...

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