sweet filthy boy, by christina lauren

sweet filthy boyMuch like football season this weekend, I’m baaaaaccckkk!!!  And excited as ever. Please keep in mind if you purchase this book, I did not make up the title.

Sweet Filthy Boy, by Christina Lauren is a fun read, primarily because of the sweet filthy boy, Ansel.

my synopsis
Three girls graduate college and head to Vegas for a last hurrah. They meet three boys. They each marry a boy. Two have their marriages annulled, one follows her French husband to France. And thus starts the adventure.

Mia was a dancer bound for stardom until a tragic accident forced her to hang up her ballet slippers. Ansel is an up-and-coming attorney at a firm in France. While Mia is practical and shy, Ansel is…well…not. When he invites her to come to France for the summer before she starts grad school, she impulsively leaves a note for her parents, packs a suitcase, and meets Ansel at the airport.

Marriage to someone they’ve known for less than a week proves to be more challenging than they imagined. Mia is enjoying France, but not Ansel working non-stop. And the easy sexual chemistry they had in Vegas is now somewhat stunted as reality and the demands of every day life have set in. So they are forced to get ‘creative’ to rekindle the fire.

tara’s take
This book is very fun. Ansel is funny, sexy, and adorable all at the same time. When Mia lets go of her shy side and stops over thinking, she’s fun and gives as good as she gets. (A side note–I met Christina and Lauren at the RT Book Convention this year, they’re awesome! I will definitely be reading more of their books. But I digress…)

Seeing France through the touristy eyes of Mia makes me want to hop on a plane. Who wouldn’t want to live in a foreign land for a summer and have the freedom to just explore and soak up the culture.

I have no idea how Christina Lauren pulled off such a seamless co-written book and very steamy to boot. It’s light-hearted with thought-provoking moments and pure fun weaved throughout.  I think of the ‘helpful’ notes with French phrases that Ansel left Mia each day as he was at work and can’t help but smile.

If you’re looking for a fun read and cool author(s), this is the book for you. Enjoy!

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Book Review: Tangled

TANGLED-NEW-659x1024Ever read a book that really doesn’t need a sequel? That would be this one.

Tangled by Emma Chase won a Goodreads award and I was looking for something new, so I thought it was a good choice. Told from a male perspective, though written by a woman, I didn’t expect to enjoy this book as much as I did. Let’s dive in.

In a Nutshell
Drew is a top-notch investment banker at a privately owned firm, where his father is one of the founders, and Kate is a brilliant, yet new, member of the company’s team. Drew and Kate first meet at a club on the eve of Kate starting at the firm–unbeknownst to Drew–and do the flirty thing. Once Kate’s first day rolls around and subsequently Drew’s dad asks Kate and Drew to compete for a new opportunity, the gloves come off.

Yes, there’s still the sexual tension between the two of them, but aside from being co-workers and office rivals, Kate’s also engaged–a complication to their obvious attraction. There’s also the fact that Drew thinks, and quite often proves, that he’s God’s gift to women. His arrogance knows no bounds and Kate is less than impressed with his attitude.

More obstacles arise with Drew and Kate coming together–her engagement being the least of them. Drew proves to have some chivalrous moments, but his ego gets the best of him and jeopardizes everything.

Tara’s Take
I’m not sure why I thought I wouldn’t like this book, it was actually pretty funny. The situations and dialogue were entertaining. We may never know if Emma Chase truly captured the male point of view, but it seems pretty plausible to me. Kudos to her!

This is the perfect light-hearted summer read, ideal for the beach. It’s just fun. There are some pretty steamy scenes and again, humor is its backbone.

The only downside, if it can truly be called that, is that there are 3 more books after this one. This could easily be a standalone book and personally, I’m treating it as such. I didn’t see a need for there to be more artificially created angst going forward just to expand the storyline. So while I recommend giving this book a try, I can’t speak to the others. Happy reading!

Book Review: Rock Chick

We all know what a big fan I am of romance novels (I still can’t believe I wrote that…). Indulge me for a moment: I used to read nothing and I mean nothing but mysteries. James Patterson and Patricia Cornwell are among my most favorite authors. When I was in a book club, my friends repeatedly gave me lectures on reading books outside my norm. I once read a Nora Roberts trilogy, and while good, it was the one exception–not the norm. But here I sit today, writing about how much I love romance novels. Who am I? (Ok, THAT is a post for another day.)

Anyway, I enjoy readying quite a few self-published authors, one of whom is Kristen Ashley. I can’t remember how many series and books of hers I’ve read, we’ll suffice to say–a lot. I intentionally waited on writing this review because I didn’t want it to be too tainted by the one I wrote a few weeks ago about her latest book, Own the Wind. For that book, she had a publisher and all the ‘perks’ that come with it, including professional editing. For Rock Chick, she did not. Big difference.

rock-chickRock Chick was a good story. It’s the first in, I believe, 7 books that Ashley has written in this series so far. It is somewhat reminiscent of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. A series I loved for the first 13 or 14 books until it became clear that the characters would never move on, the story lines would always be the same, and the reader could essentially write the next book themselves. (Leaving that series still breaks my heart.)

The main character–Indy–owns a book store. She has a wild child best friend in Ally; interesting employees, including a guy named Rosie who’s on the lam for having stolen some diamonds; Lee–her gorgeous security expert/bounty hunter/surveillance professional/general badass boyfriend; and a host of other colorful characters in the form of friends, family, and bad guys that continuously shoot at and kidnap her. And while there is definitely some ‘romance’ in this book, I wouldn’t necessarily classify it as such. It’s comedic, mysterious, romantic, and generally a fun read.

The book was almost 1,000 pages on my Nook, but that didn’t bother me. What did, is that the telling of the story went on forever. There were complete chapters that could’ve been eradicated. I hate to think that I’m spoiled from the 300 page book of Ms. Ashley’s that I just read, because you can clearly see that there is much fun to be had in the Rock Chick series. Only, I am hesitant to read the other books if they drag out the story lines as this one does. The characters are entertaining and you could easily settle in to read the books like you would enjoy a weekly sitcom. The question is, will I?