the vma’s–what???

Reader Note: This is not my usual post. But as I sit here, poised to go to bed before 8pm because I stayed up late Sunday night watching the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA’s), I feel I’d be remiss if I didn’t say something. So I shall… 

Nonsense and ridiculousness.

Anyone who wants to waste several hours of their life that they will never get back.

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I LOVE award shows. When the ‘real’ award’s season rolls around I get giddy. The SAG Awards. The Golden Globes (my personal fave). The Grammys. All of course culminating in the Oscars. So while the prestige for the VMAs isn’t nearly as high, historically, they’ve been fun to watch. Until, Sunday…

I invested 2 hours (which wasn’t even the whole show). In retrospect, I have no idea why. Let us begin.

I love Alicia Keys but I’m at a loss as to what her bird’s nest of a hairdo and no make-up look were really trying to convey. It’s an award’s show, make an effort.

Kanye’s 4 minute monologue was so convoluted, I’m not entirely sure if he was ‘medicated’ or not; but clearly, he was just as confused as everyone else about what he was saying–because he made no sense. At all.

Key and Peele are supposed to be funny, so I hear. And I have no idea who the Nicole chick was backstage. What I do want to know is why they were all yelling? You have a mic. I’m watching on tv. I have my own volume button. There’s no need to yell at me. Plus, I have no idea what any of you are talking about so yelling isn’t going to make it any clearer.

Why Rhianna appeared four times, I don’t know. But I’m convinced that the 2nd performance was just her and her extended entourage dancing on stage. At least the majority of her songs I could understand; Future on the other hand, not so much. If you begged me to recite one word of what he sang last night, I wouldn’t be able to help you out.

The one. And only. Saving grace. For the entire painful experience. You guessed it. One word. Beyoncé. She is everything for a reason.

Which brings me to my final observation–Britney. Her performance was hyped as her return to the VMAs. That’s fine. But she performed after Bey. No one should ever perform after Beyoncé. Let’s be clear, if Bey is performing at a show, just let her close it out. It’s not fair to anyone to have to follow her, it’s just not. Beyoncé had fire, smoke, wind (she may have even had snow and rain), a costume change, and about 500 back up dancers. Britney had 2 side-kicks, banana yellow thigh high boots, and a rapper no one knew. Sorry Britney, I apologize on behalf of MTV.

difficulty level:
Impossible. Just Google Beyoncé’s performance and get some rest. I did the time so no one else has to suffer. You’re welcome.

pray for baltimore and nepal

baltimore-harbor.jpg.1920x810_0_302_10000For the last 20 years, I’ve called Baltimore home. While I no longer reside within the city limits, I am not far away, and it is therefore with a very heavy heart that I type this. No city deserves what Baltimore is currently enduring. I can only hope and pray that the violence, fires, looting, and riots cease immediately, order is restored, and the city can begin to heal. It’s going to take a very long time for the physical and non-physical wounds to be repaired. At the same time, those in Nepal are suffering the aftermath from a devastating earthquake.

kathmandu-tour-packagePlease keep all those in Nepal and Baltimore in your prayers.

why are readers so angry with authors?

dog-confused-huh-150x150Let me start by putting it out there–I’m confused?!?! Said confusion was incited by the many posts I came across in reference to Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series. Readers/fans of this series are complaining about the fact that it’s been extended from 3 books to 5. WHY?!?! If you love a series, the writing, the characters–why are you flat-out angry that some of your most beloved heroes and heroines are having their lives extended by the author??? In many cases, like Raine Miller’s Blackstone series, Sylvain Reynard’s Gabriel’s Inferno series, and Belle Aurora’s, Raw Family–the true fans were clamoring for more books; Reynard stated that was the whole reason he wrote the last book in the series–for the fans.

What about the Rizzoli & Isles books from Tess Gerritsen? James Patterson’s Alex Cross series? What if those were one and done? These writers have more story to tell so they do–because it’s what they do and what their readers want. Good plot-lines extending the sagas of the characters they love.

Yes, some series may have a natural end to them–it’s why my one of my most beloved tv shows, Sons of Anarchy, had its series finale last month (still haven’t recovered from that one…). But in the case of Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series, we’re talking 5 books–FIVE.

I have seen so many write ups about this series, in particular, being extended just for money, and/or in spite of it originally being slated to end after 3 books.

  1. Day is a professional writer (i.e. she writes to make money), books are the way she does that.
  2. Seriously, if you’re going to complain about an author doing the best she can to provide readers with a good book to read, maybe reading isn’t really your thing.
  3. Lastly, you don’t have to read the book! (Something tells me Day’s books aren’t on many ‘required reading’ lists. Solely due to subject/content matter, not because they aren’t awesome–which they are!)

There you have it. My first rant of 2015. I will now step off my soap-box. For authors out there, especially the independent ones–good luck to you all!

tara’s tips: My actual review of Captivated by You is forthcoming.

With a Heavy Heart…

heavy heartI spent Friday morning and part of the afternoon attending the home going service (aka–funeral) for someone who was special to me. Evangelist Linda passed away Saturday before last, after battling cancer for several years. I’ve mentioned my church in past posts, Mt. Calvary AME Church in Towson, MD, and for me, Minister Linda was a big part of that church. You also could argue that she was an integral part of my joining Mt. Calvary.

Three years ago, I went to an 8am service and felt the spirit move me to join. Minister Linda came over to me when the doors of the church were opened and I declined, that day. The following week, I went back. That Sunday, I decided to join. The lady in front of me offered to walk with me to the altar and we only got about 2 steps before Minister Linda came and got me. I always say, “she walked with me,” and if for no other reason, she will always be special to me for that.

As time I went on, I got to know her a little better. I attended a few evangelism ministry meetings and learned that while marketing was not her profession, she had such a talent for it. So much so, that during one meeting I told her she needed to get into the field. Thankfully, she didn’t listen to me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my profession and the world of marketing–but Minister Linda touched more lives with her dedication to the Lord, her dancing, and her work with children than anything she could’ve accomplished in the field of marketing; she clearly knew her place in the world better than I.

I can truly say that I am glad her suffering is over and that she can be at peace now. I’m sure that she didn’t want to leave her family and friends behind, most of all her husband and 2 children. She touched my life more than I think I ever expressed and I know that now as she dances in Heaven, what I didn’t say while she was here on earth, she knows what was in my heart. She once asked if I would help her start a blog and of course, I told her yes. Unfortunately, we didn’t make that happen so I think it’s only fitting that I blog about her.

She was a beautiful lady with a beautiful spirit and I will miss her. I had a thought after the services today that now, she’s in Heaven with my mother. I can’t think of a better place for them to meet. Two incredible women who loved the Lord and weren’t afraid to outwardly share that love with the world. I love and miss you both.

God Bless

Hi readers. It’s been a while…I know. I’ve been reading–book reviews are on the way–and living life. My original intention for this post was to share all the fun things that have been going on since the holiday season started–which I may do another time–but first, I must address the tragedy of yesterday, at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT.

Between Facebook posts…Tweets…and other general outpourings from the public, I’m sure it’s all been said. As most people know, I pride myself on being a very spiritual person. I love the Lord. (However, I am a work in progress and far from perfect, so do not judge me by some of the books I read and things I say. I’m trying.) But in all sincerity, my thoughts and heartfelt prayers go out to all those closely impacted and affected by the loss life at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I say closely, because I think EVERYONE has been affected by  yesterday’s events, but it’s the survivors, parents, family, and friends that I can only imagine are suffering the most–those left behind. I will never understand why these things happen, I only know that God does.  It may not make sense to me, or anyone, while we’re still on this earth, but I do know that He has a greater plan because He knows all.

So many have shared feelings: anger, loss, shouts for better gun control, hostility, empathy, sympathy… For me, the most overwhelming emotion is sadness. In my humble opinion, it seems like such a senseless act of cowardice–but more than that, a lack of true faith. I believe in the power of prayer and I know many argue it should be in schools–I just know it should be in lives. I can’t imagine how those in Newtown, CT are going to pick up the pieces and go on, but I know that most (hopefully all) will. So many lives are forever altered as a result of this tragedy.

Often, the cliché, “Jesus is the reason for the season,” is sometimes casually tossed around this time of year. For me, I can’t think of a better use for it, because it’s so true. And so many need Him, now more than ever.

With a heavy heart, my prayers go out to all. God Bless.

2012 Rockefeller Center

2012 Rockefeller Center