we’re getting a facelift!

coming soonHello faithful followers! In an effort to bring you more benefits, including contests and giveaways–we’re undergoing a facelift and a bit of a behind-the-scenes relocation. (For you techies out there, we’re moving hosts.) You don’t have to do anything, (I don’t think…) but over the next few days/weeks our site may be a little ‘wonky’ (that’s a technical term) and it’s going to look a bit different in the short-term. But don’t worry, we’re working on it.

Our URL is staying the same. We’re still theediblebookmark.com and we’re still going to get you the latest and greatest reviews! But to bring you even more great stuff, we had to do some housekeeping. Stay tuned and please bear with us.


let us know whatcha think!

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