top 3 recipes of 2014

This week, like many, I’m featuring my most faves of 2014. Tuesday it was books, today, it’s recipes. I find myself making these dishes over and over again, for myself and others. Enjoy!

Spicy Mac & Cheese
spicy mac&cheeseI just made this over the holidays and trust me there were no complaints because my family was too busy indulging. Since I’m part mouse, they’re lucky I shared. I will say, since not everyone can do spicy–I left out the ‘heat’ for the holiday version, still delish!


Baked Chimichangas
IMG_1423Please, I beg of you, look past this incredibly un-appetizing photo and try this recipe, especially if you like Mexican food. I mentioned this in the post, but these are yummy on day 1, but after sitting over night, it takes them to a whooole new level. (And yes, I’m working on my food photos–and open to suggestions???)


cheesey grits casseroleCheesy Grits Casserole
Not usually one for eating the same thing day-in-day-out, I make this one day and eat a piece for breakfast every day thereafter. It’. Just. That. Good. Always one for ‘doctoring’ a recipe, I’ve also tried this with bacon–yummy! Next up, I’ll add onions, peppers, and bacon. You really can’t go wrong when you embellish this one.

let us know whatcha think!

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