one with you, by sylvia day

One-with-YouI’m a devoted fan of the Crossfire series and Sylvia Day, herself. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Day, and on top of being an incredibly talented author, she’s a very savvy business woman, and nice to boot. All of which is why it pains me to say this–I did not love One With You. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even like One With You. I have been a champion of the series’ continuation, beyond the formulaic trilogy, and in contrast to the many naysayers who thought it should’ve been 3 and done. I mean, if you love the characters, why wouldn’t you want more of them? Perhaps my expectations were too high. Or maybe I’m overlooking something that’s staring me in the face. I’ve waited a considerable amount time to post my review so I could truly reflect on it. I didn’t want to be rash but…

what went wrong…
Nothing gets resolved. Nothing. There is no closure. On anything. I would be fine if not everything was wrapped up with a tidy bow. But nothing? All of the answers you thought you’d get? Nope. Loose ends that you thought would be tied off? Not happening. AND to top if off, she throws in a very unnecessary twist. SO. NOT. NEEDED.

Eva and Gideon already had so much going on with their separation. Gideon’s ongoing conflict with his mother because she ignored his abuse. His parent’s conflict because his step-father Chris didn’t know. His newly forming bond with his sister Ireland. Eva’s resignation from a job she loved. Carey’s impending fatherhood. The tell-all Corinne was writing about her relationship with Gideon. You get the picture. Does any of that sound like yet another plot twist is needed?

I’m not sure what Day has in mind next. I realize this is the last book in the Crossfire series, but is it really? Does she have something else up here sleeve? It would seem to me that she has to, otherwise, wow, epic fail. Eva and Gideon spend the entire book reaffirming their devotion to one another, something we’ve known from Bared to You. And at that, it wasn’t even an intense affirmation. I mean Gideon, sexy billionaire, killed for Eva—he loves her, we get it.

the verdict…
Again, it’s killing me to say this but–don’t bother reading this book. I understand if, much like myself, you’ve been a loyal devotee and feel compelled to finish and see it through to the end. However, just know, that you could’ve stopped with book 4, drew your own conclusions, and had more closure.

Of all the books to get our lowest rating, I NEVER thought it would be this book…or anything from this author. UGH!!!




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last kiss, by jessica clare and jen frederick

last kissSo many series, so little time! My TBR (to be read) pile never dwindles! Last year I discovered the RT Booklovers Convention and what a windfall it proved to be in so many ways! New friends, great sessions, fantabulous authors, and books galore! It’s no wonder I will be back again this year in Vegas. One of the books that made its way into my over-weight suitcase last year, was Last Kiss, by Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick and it was worth every penny.

This is the 3rd book in the Hitman series and I will undoubtedly be going back to read the first 2 books and then the 4th. But, back to the book at hand…

Vasily is part of the Petrovich Bratva, (i.e. a family in the Russian Mafia), which has become unstable in the face of its leader, Sergei’s, recent assassination. Vasily is more than happy to lead the family, though power currently resides with Elena, Sergei’s sister and Vasily’s mortal enemy. Vasily has come to the table to gather the necessary support to end Elena’s reign, but before the other family members will support such a transfer of power, Vasily has to complete a near-impossible task, taking him out of Russia and off to Europe…

The errand leads Vasily’s path to cross with Naomi, who is more unique than most romantic heroines. While arguably a genius and able to withstand whatever is thrown at her, Naomi is unlike most leading ladies. But Naomi’s quirkiness and the unconditional love she and Vasily come to share for one another just goes to show that we all deserve love and acceptance. Their love just means sex clubs in Italy and people being assassinated.

There’s humor. Action. Suspense and intrigue. Are you sensing you should read this book?

Personally, I’ve been fascinated with the mob my whole life–which I’ve mentioned before. (Hmmm…should I say such a thing in the public domain? Oh well…) And while my intrigue, historically, has been with the Italian mafia the Russian mob is organized crime none the less, so why split hairs? It’s also equally as fascinating. This is the 2nd Bratva series that I have thoroughly enjoyed, the first being Kresely Cole’s Game Maker series–looking forward to the next release in that one as well!

Clare and Frederick have pulled off quite the sex, action-packed novel. Rooting for the bad guys never felt so good!

the edible bookmark ratingthe edible bookmark rating

the edible bookmark rating

the bourbon kings, by j.r. ward

the bourbon kingsWow! I read this book in 2 days. I picked it up and couldn’t put it down. This is a new contemporary series by J. R. Ward that I heard is going to become a t.v. series–congrats to The Warden!

Ward describes The Bourbon Kings as a cross between Downton Abbey and Dynasty and that about nails it. Then again, she wrote the book, so she should know.

Lane Baldwine is from old money; old Kentucky bourbon money. Lizzie is the lead horticulturist for the family’s sprawling estate–Easterly. Two years ago, lies tore them apart and Lane fled to New York, not to return–until a family emergency brings him home. Now he’s back, just when Lizzie was almost over him.

There are more lies and secrets anew now that Lane has returned to Easterly. His older brother Edward, has distanced himself from the family after an awful life-altering tragedy. Gin, the only Baldwine daughter, is such a misguided self-preservationist that she sells her soul to the highest bidder. And then there’s William, the patriarch of the family, who is as cruel and ruthless as J.R. Ewing and shows no remorse for any of his actions.

Ward is a master of weaving multiple storylines together and she does so seamlessly in this tale. There’s intrigue and drama up to the very last page. The plot is well-written, though we do see a lot of cliché’s throughout its telling. And while there is some predictability, there is enough originality to keep the reader interested–not to mention all of the loose ends that are yet to be tied up.

Personally, I can’t wait for this story to come to the small screen. In the meantime, the next chapter in this hit series, The Angels’ Share, comes out on July 26.


the edible bookmark ratingthe edible bookmark ratingthe edible bookmark ratingthe edible bookmark rating

dirty rowdy thing, by christina lauren

dirty rowdy thingIt’s no secret, I loved Sweet Filthy Boy–really, who didn’t? But, I’m no 20-something and while the book was a lot of fun, I have to say I was a bit reluctant to keep going. Ever think that some things are good enough to stand on their own? Well, friends and the grapevine talked me into pushing forward with the series and once again, I’m glad I did!

Dirty Rowdy Thing focuses on Harlow and Finn–aka, the gorgeous Hollywood rich chick and the super-sexy Canadian fisherman. Harlow, was in the forefront a bit more than Finn in the first book, but admittedly, she was not my favorite character. Also, I didn’t think I could love anyone more than I loved Ansel, right now, it’s a tie; and Harlow has pretty much redeemed herself.

Harlow, is dealing with the serious illness of someone very close to her. Finn, is working through the troubles of his family business. While the chemistry between the two of them is off the charts, I think you actually feel it through the pages of the book, the former husband and wife decide to be friends. Even though their hook-ups are smoldering, with all of the emotional angst they’re both dealing with, a new long-distance relationship is not what either of them need. But how long will that resolve hold…

Dirty Rowdy Thing was impossible not to adore. While some of the subject matter was heavy, Christina Lauren infused plenty of humor while not making light of the serious content. We came to understand Harlow better and appreciate that her heart is always in the right place. And Finn’s maturity, loyalty, and general super sexiness played to the reader’s love for book boyfriends. Who knew fisherman could be so hot!?!?


the edible bookmark ratingthe edible bookmark ratingthe edible bookmark rating



There are 2 more books after this one in the series: Dark Wild Night and the recently released Wicked Sexy Liar.